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In the comments, share what does womanhood mean to you (personally), and where you got the idea from🤔. I'm interested to know, not just from women but also what do men think being a woman is like? The title is "womanhood?" put that way because I am questioning it. What the hell is it? 🤨… Continue reading Womanhood?

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Attitude Is Everything!

This is a milestone blog. Click the heart and read with an intention to leave a comment at the end. It will make me feel good! 😁 You know those types of sayings - "people who are not in a relationship give great advice," or "it is easier said than done," one more, one more,… Continue reading Attitude Is Everything!

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Active, Healthy Living in lockdown …

Let's recap all the conversations we have had about lockdown (somehow it turned itself into a series, I hope you have enjoyed it), P.S. don't judge the poor naming, I do not know what I was thinking: • Corona Virus Covid19 - This was when the pandemic was just something we were starting to get… Continue reading Active, Healthy Living in lockdown …

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It really does matter …!

Over the past few days … We could even say over the last 100s of years, because racial issues are things we have been dealing with for quite some time now, and we will keep dealing with them probably for the next hundreds of years, because people don't seem to get it. IT IS A… Continue reading It really does matter …!

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Important lessons learnt

Heads up my birthday is coming up and I will officially be within my 20s. YES! I am turning 21 on the 13 JUNE!! Why am I so excited, you ask? Because, why not!? Brilliant answer, right? I am allowed to be excited about my birthday coming up, but corona is an issue, and also… Continue reading Important lessons learnt