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The concept of being bitter has been sitting on my mind for some time now. Since I had a conversation with someone who claims that they never get bitter EVER. I don't think it is possible to never get bitter even if it is in the slightest, minute way. I believe that you could be… Continue reading Bitter/Better

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Friendship by Distance

You probably know how much I enjoy writing about friends and what friendship means to me. How I believe that they should be appreciated because they understand you in a totally different way from what your family would probably understand about you. Also I've been vocal about what friendship is/isn't to me. I think I… Continue reading Friendship by Distance

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The Green-eyed Monster in You

We've all heard of the green-eyed monster. When people bring that up they are referring to jealousy. Something that we all deal with at some point in our lives and it is never once-off, it is recurring. You either get better at dealing with it or you don't. My point is, everyone has this monster… Continue reading The Green-eyed Monster in You

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My body NOT our body

I am about to share some stories that are centered around females but they are for all because not only females go through this and that needs to be acknowledged. It might be triggering to some individuals but I do hope that you can make it to the end. One: One of my closest friends… Continue reading My body NOT our body

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It is inevitable

Death and change. These are two things that are definitely going to happen no matter what. We can't stop them, we try to slow them down, which works out sometimes but at the end of the day they will happen. I think this is something we all know deep down, just that most of the… Continue reading It is inevitable

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Alone, different from Lonely

Do you know that it is possible to feel alone or lonely even when there are thousands of people around you? At first, it is the weirdest feeling ever because you don't know what's happening, well at least I didn't. You might feel lonely and that hurts. You might feel like nobody likes you, that… Continue reading Alone, different from Lonely

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Don’t stop the music 🎶🎼

Stolen title from listening to Rihanna's song then a shower of inspiration came over me. Yep, that is how powerful music can be! Life is all about music. I mean literally, we experience it around every single corner. Unless you are in some sort of isolation from the world, then you also would not be… Continue reading Don’t stop the music 🎶🎼